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This is My MHS Story

The voices of Milton Hershey School are all distinct, but each extraordinary in their own way. MHS blog tells the stories of our extraordinary students, staff, houseparents, parents/sponsors, and graduates. Read on to learn what brought them to MHS, the impact it has had, and the impact they hope to impart on the lives of others.

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President Eisenhower’s Visit to Hershey on October 13, 1953

One of the most iconic vehicles in Dearborn, Michigan’s Henry Ford Museum is the 1961 Lincoln Continental—the vehicle that President John F. Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated...

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An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Written by Sky, a junior at MHS Sky, I know you’re oblivious to it all right now. You have not felt the storm quite yet, only viewed it. I promise...

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Connecting Home Life to the Classroom: Creating a Nurturing Learning Environment to Call Home

When students enroll at Milton Hershey School, they’re not only receiving a top-notch education. They’re joining a safe, nurturing community that feels like a second home, through the school’s Home...

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The Food Pantry: Giving Students a Taste of Nutrition and Variety

When students enroll at Milton Hershey School, they receive a top-notch education full of leadership, scholarship, and extra-curricular opportunities. They also receive regular meals and food at no cost that...

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Welcome Back: Gathering Around the Table

By Erica Clark, an MHS houseparent The table in our dining room is large. Actually, it’s a group of tables—five to be exact. We placed them together to create one...

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What I Learned About Myself and the World after Studying Abroad

By Laila, a senior at MHS Last year I had the most amazing experience of my life: I was part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program and spent my entire...

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Self-Improvement Month: Building the Character and Leadership Employers Value

In a 2014 CareerBuilder study, 77 percent of employers surveyed said “soft skills” associated with workers’ personalities are equally as important as job-related skills. Employers are looking for people who...

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Milton Hershey’s Deep Connection to Lancaster, PA

On Sept. 13, 2016, the Lancaster Barnstormers commemorated Milton Hershey’s 159th birthday by giving out bobbleheads as part of Milton Hershey School night.  The first 1,000 fans who entered the stadium...

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Physical Fitness: The Road to a Long, Healthy and Productive Life

Many children from poverty come from an environment where it’s not safe to go outside and play. Without being physically active, these children may find themselves less engaged during the...

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Milton Hershey and the City by the Bay

Our work in the school archives never fails to surprise and inspire us. Just when we think there is nothing new to discover, something unique comes to light. In this...

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