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Motivated to Give

By Trevor, a freshman at MHS

The Opening of School Assembly was the start of a brand new year. Everyone was able to reunite as an MHS family.

Over the summer, we may have lost touch with some of our friends, but the start of the new school year is a time where we can make new ones. I liked getting together with all of my peers, teachers, and friends from other grades at the assembly. It was exciting to see how everyone has changed.

My favorite part of the Opening of School Assembly was Landon’s story, an elementary student at MHS. I also liked the ending of the assembly—it was truly the start of the new year, so everyone was laughing and dancing around.

This year, I want to make an impact at MHS by getting involved. I want to join Student Government Association, Spartan Community OutReach (SCOR), the mentoring program, and some of the physical activities that are offered. I feel this will make an impact because I will get to share my peers’ opinions and also be part of a team.

Trevor, a freshman at MHS

Going to the Opening of School Assembly really started my year off great, especially since I’m a freshman and new to Senior Division. Knowing that people will give is my motivation.

If someone is upset, mad or feeling lost, I can give to those around me and maybe be able to help them.

MHS is truly like a second family, and for some students, the only family they have. Everyone at MHS works together to make sure we do our best. If I wasn’t at MHS, things would be a lot more complicated than they are currently. So, I thank Milton and Catherine Hershey for their generosity as well as the staff who put in all their hard work for us.

Trevor enrolled at MHS in fifth grade from Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

After kicking off the 2018-19 school year with the Opening of School Assembly, Milton Hershey School students and staff are committed to honoring the Hersheys’ legacy and giving back to others by expressing their gratitude, living with intent, committing to their vision, and acting with enthusiasm.

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