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Milton Hershey School Principals Recognize Educators in Honor of World Teachers’ Day

In celebration of this year’s World Teachers’ Day on Tuesday, Oct. 5, Milton Hershey School principals shared their appreciation for our top-notch educators at MHS, who make a difference in the lives of our students.

The theme of this year’s teacher celebration is “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery,” presented by the United Nations (UNESCO), recognizing the critical role educators play in the world, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elementary Division

Milton Hershey School Elementary Division principal Amanda Smith celebrates teachers in honor of World Teachers Day

What is the importance of World Teachers’ Day?

Teachers play an important role in shaping children’s lives and helping them learn. It is important that we take a day to step back and acknowledge the hard work teachers [across the world] put in on a daily basis to do what is best for our kids.

How are our teachers changing the world?

Teachers at MHS are not just people who teach students during the day—they are mentors, listening ears, support systems, and a part of our students’ families. They teach to our students’ academic, social, and emotional needs. They change the world on a daily basis by making an impact on our students across divisions. Whether they’re making an impact on one, two, or ten students; their work is important!

How are MHS teachers innovators/thought leaders in education?

Each one of our teachers has a unique set of skills that they share with our students and their colleagues. They are always spending time reading blogs, collaborating with peers, and looking for new and innovative ways to deliver their content to our students.

Middle Division

Milton Hershey School Middle Division principal Tara Valoczki celebrates World Teachers Day

What is the importance of World Teachers’ Day?

The importance of World Teachers’ Day is to recognize the critical role teachers have had in our children’s lives over the last 18 months. Serving students—emotionally and academically—has always been their role, however, this has been even more important lately. Teachers are a steady constant in our children’s lives.

How are our teachers changing the world?

A teacher’s job has evolved tremendously over the years. They are responsible for creating a foundation for our students to build upon (year-after-year) to prepare them to be citizens of the world. Additionally, teachers are faced with the daily challenge of balancing academic rigor, career-readiness prep, and building social and emotional competencies.

How are MHS teachers innovators/thought leaders in education?

When we think of what we asked our teachers to do back in March of 2020, it was monumental. Teachers went from in-person instruction to virtual in a matter of 48 hours. Our teaching staff at MHS did not miss a beat. They worked tirelessly to create engaging lessons for their students during the long hours of Zoom.

Senior Division

Milton Hershey School Senior Division principal Bob Ebert celebrates World Teachers' Day

What is the importance of World Teachers’ Day?

Any day we recognize and honor the significant impact teachers have upon our communities is a special day. World Teachers’ Day allows us to reflect and appreciate on how this influence begins at the local community level.

How are our teachers changing the world?

Our teachers help students discover and achieve their post-MHS dreams. The current and long-term impact that each teacher has on our students impacts communities, regions, and beyond—the impact is immeasurable.

Our teachers’ curriculum stretches far beyond academics—supporting emotional health, safety issues, and putting an emphasis on career-focused education to harness a successful launch post-graduation.

How are MHS teachers innovators/thought leaders in education?

Milton Hershey School teachers are always flexible and willing to adjust to meet our students’ needs. Our teachers leverage current trends in this ever-evolving world of technology to engage our students and challenge them to utilize resources in new ways that are aligned with our school’s sacred values.

MHS Teachers Embody Excellence

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