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How to Stay Persistent and Make Your Mark During Senior Year

By Rachel, a senior at MHS

As a child who grew up in an environment with little to no support, I learned how to support myself, how to defend myself, and how to stay strong even through the toughest situations.

I grew up wanting to see myself succeed—to be better than my mother and father. This is where Milton Hershey School came into play. The school gave me the opportunities and the tools I needed to get somewhere in life.

As I begin my senior year at MHS, I’m going in with mixed emotions. I’m ecstatic for the future because I know if I fall, I’ll have my MHS family to pick me up and keep me going. However, I do have a little sliver of fear and uncertainty because I don’t know how my senior year will pan out or what’s to come after that.

Senior year is another test the world throws at you to see if you’re ready for the next step in life. When I was younger, I always imagined what it would be like to be a senior. Now that I’m actually going to be one, it’s really unbelievable if I’m being honest.

Milton Hershey School senior, Rachel, shares how she made left her mark during her senior year.

I’m going to start my senior year off on a run and it’s only going to get faster from there. I plan to keep myself busy and on track with my goals. I have been accepted into the Temple Program where I will receive college credits during my senior year. I want to be a role model for the younger Milts at MHS and show them they can do anything with a little encouragement and a strong mindset.

One of my favorite quotes from James N. Watkins that has kept me going is, “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but its persistence.”     This quote is what has helped me through all my rough times. It made me realize that I am the river and the rock is life.

Milton Hershey School is another river flowing into me, giving me the extra boost to carve my way.

As we start our senior year, do everything wholeheartedly and don’t take shortcuts. Be the river with persistence and carve your own way. Don’t be the one that flows and doesn’t leave a mark.

Rachel enrolled at MHS in eighth grade from Cape May, New Jersey.

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