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Health and Wellness: Sabrina’s Story

Sabrina began her journey at MHS in 2009 as a fifth grader. While she understood the importance of health and wellness, it wasn’t until she entered the school’s Transitional Living program as a senior that she decided to commit to living a healthy lifestyle.

Sabrina found a friend who was also interested in improving their health and wellness, and together, they began working with a member of the Transitional Living staff who mentored them and helped them develop healthy exercise routines. Every morning, they wake up at 5 a.m. to exercise together. They also educate their peers on nutrition throughout the week.

“MHS is where I started focusing on health and wellness, especially in the TL program,” Sabrina said. “I like how after we exercise in the mornings, I feel successful. It’s stress-relieving.”

Sabrina also spends her time working on the campus yearbook team, which helps her maintain her active lifestyle during the school day.

“In yearbook class, we’re never sitting down,” she said. “We’re always on the go trying to get students’ pictures and quotes. It’s constant movement.”

Thanks to her classes at MHS, she has found her passion for photography. Sabrina plans to attend Bloomsburg University in the fall to study graphic design. She is eager to maintain the healthy habits she learned at MHS and apply them in a college setting.

“You’re never too busy to exercise. Even if you’re just walking around, you’re still moving and avoiding laziness,” Sabrina added.

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