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Finding Purpose in the Face of Challenges

By Tyler, a senior at MHS

True purpose can come in unexpected ways. We may discover it tomorrow, or it may be revealed once we’re older. Some are able to find their purpose and try their hardest to integrate it into their lives and live well. Others have achieved it, but don’t realize it. We never know when, where, or how our purpose will be fulfilled, but we all have something in us that will enlighten the world regardless of our background.

It takes a lot to achieve our purpose. The challenges we face can be daunting and tempt us to give up. There are cliffs that we need to climb, and it can be tough making decisions when we don’t know what lies ahead.

But good choices make a difference, and they have a substantial impact down the road.

I can speak on behalf of this as I worked to pass a swim test in high school. The swim lessons began in January of my junior year and I had to pass by June of my senior year as a graduation requirement. Having almost no prior swimming experience, it was very difficult to catch up. I worked my tail off to progress. Sometimes, I felt like giving up but I told myself not to because I needed to graduate.

In October of my senior year, I finished the most difficult part: freestyle. I was relieved, and the mandatory, early-morning lessons that followed became a lot easier to learn. Today, I don’t need to worry about getting up early in the morning and bolting to the pool. This is the result of the choice I made to persevere in the face of an obstacle. I didn’t believe I could do it, but I pushed through.

Senior year has become a lot easier. Of course, there are always times of stress, but that’s normal and nothing compared to the stress I would have felt if I didn’t succeed with my swim lessons.

Keep walking the walk. Just push through and times will be better. Part of my purpose is graduating high school, and without overcoming my challenges with swimming, I would never reach my destination.

Tyler enrolled at MHS in ninth grade from Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

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