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The Day My Future Changed With One Note

By Davan, a junior at MHS

Heart racing, stomach-dropping to the floor, I remember the day I found an orange notice on my front door as bright as the sun forcing me to look away. Eviction. Walking in, I collapsed on the couch and wondered how I would survive from losing my home, my friends, my everything. How would I finish off the year at school knowing I could no longer call this place home?

Although moving from place to place was nothing new to me, this was the first time I was moving to “nowhere.” I began to remember conversations I had with my siblings when we were on the verge of homelessness and we would always talk about going to a boarding school. I played our conversations in my head over and over again until they forced me to take action.

The next day, I strolled into the counselor’s office at school and asked about applying to Milton Hershey School. The counselor explained that my mom would need to be the person to submit my application.

I felt devastated—I couldn’t tell my mom I wanted to leave home days after we just lost ours.

I went to class and talked to my teachers who told me they would support me no matter what. They encouraged me to tell my mom how I feel and how I want the best for my future. They agreed that MHS could save my life by giving me the tools to a better future. Unfortunately, I realized the ones I love the most might be hurt the most because I wanted to leave.

Soon, I received a call from the school inviting me to an interview after I applied. I begged and begged my mom until she agreed to take me to the interview. This was a game-changer—having my mom on board helped a lot.

Davan, a junior at MHS, shared his experience.

Looking back, I was so scared when I first came home to that eviction notice.

I didn’t know how I was going to recover, but facing my fears with courage and determination resulted in joy and opportunities. I never knew that being so scared could result in a change that would better my life and my future.

Since the day I came home to the eviction notice, I have been focusing on my future. MHS has given me all the hope I ever needed to believe I can do it as well as my amazing houseparents who love and care for me every day.

Davan enrolled at MHS in ninth grade from Dover, New Hampshire.

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