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Finding Confidence: Cassidy’s Internship at the PA State Capitol

Cassidy Brown, an MHS senior, completed her internship at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in July 2018 as part of the Spartan Internship program. With a passion for journalism and political science, she decided to gain real-world experience in both career areas to ensure they are the right path as she begins her senior year.

“People often get to college and switch majors, which is fine, but I want a head start on figuring out my interests,” Cassidy said.

During her time at the PA State Capitol, she gained knowledge in procurement, real estate, the process of bills, and expanded on her communication and soft skills. Cassidy contributed to a Commonwealth Media Services Project where she had the opportunity to conduct interviews and learn more about a program called Leadership Development Institute, which acknowledges the work of women in state government.

“An important skill I am gaining is how to network,” Cassidy shared. “The Capitol is full of people who can later in life help me find a job or just be a reference for colleges.”

Cassidy credits MHS and her internship for giving her the confidence to share her thoughts and ideas in order to make a difference.

Cassidy at her internship at the PA Capitol

“Sometimes I became shy around certain people and didn’t reveal my creative ideas. [Throughout the internship], I learned to speak up and share my thoughts which were helpful to the company or group,” Cassidy said.

Working in the State Capitol also gave her an inside look at how to work with other professionals and practice the interpersonal skills she has developed during her time at MHS.

“Most of the time, controversies happen in the workplace because people don’t know how to work well with others,” she said. “MHS taught me how to forgive and solve problems in order to function.”

Following her graduation this June, Cassidy hopes to attend Howard University to study journalism and political science. The lessons she learned and her ability to be confident and tenacious will stay with her as she expands her knowledge post-graduation.

“MHS prepared me for the internship by teaching me how to network, how to be tenacious, and use grit,” Cassidy said.

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