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How Being an Advocate Helps Others—and Myself

Written by Susanna, a junior at MHS

When I think of the word “advocate,” the first thought that pops into my mind is the future I hope to create for myself as an attorney. I’ve been passionate about the law from a young age, and it’s the perfect setting to help others and use public speaking skills. Of course there are many other types of advocates, many of which we see on the Milton Hershey School campus.

One organization that comes to mind is Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA does a great job organizing and advocating for the student body. I’m lucky enough to be a member of the Junior Caucus within the SGA, and we work to listen to the concerns and ideas of our classmates and advocate on their behalf.

I’ve always had a passion for public speaking and helping people.

This is why I joined the Mock Trial Team at MHS. Mock Trial lets us channel our passions and improve upon them as we get ready to enter the field of law or any field related to advocating for others.

Learning how to effectively advocate for myself and others is so important. I’ve learned that it helps me in countless situations, including some I would have never considered. For instance, I was able to advocate for myself to attend a trip to Europe over Thanksgiving. Without these skills, I would not be looking forward to this amazing experience.

Being an advocate—whether it’s for the people in your student home, your classmates, your sports team, or yourself—is a great way to bring about change.

Everyone deserves a voice, and by being an advocate, you can use your voice to benefit so many people around you.

Susanna enrolled at MHS in ninth grade from North Walpole, New Hampshire.

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