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Advice to New Milton Hershey School Students

On Monday, Oct. 26, Milton Hershey School welcomes 53 new students to campus for Fall Enrollment Day 2020. To welcome them, MHS interviewed four Middle Division students and asked them to share their advice.

MHS student Alexa

Alexa, MHS student 

When students come to Milton Hershey School, they should have a good attitude and follow the rules. If students have a question, they don’t have to be afraid to ask teachers for help.

MHS student Caleb

Caleb, MHS student

For students coming to MHS, I would say, “Be yourself because then you will be able to improve yourself.”

MHS student Eyana

Eyana, MHS student 

My advice to students is to help others and do what you’re supposed to do.

MHS student Gavin

Gavin, MHS student 

My number one tip for MHS students is to always try your best and never give up because you can achieve great things here.

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