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Amanda Williams ’99

As a fifth-grader, Amanda Williams ’99 enrolled at Milton Hershey School in 1991. During her first year at the school, she experienced challenges, formed supportive relationships, and ultimately, found a home away from home.

“Going to a new school and leaving my family … I didn’t really know what to expect,” Amanda said. “After making friends and acclimating to the environment, MHS became my home. It became a place where I thrived and lived, and the foundation for who I am today was born there.”

Many adults on campus inspired Amanda by serving as role models, especially her career counselor who continued to mentor her after graduation.

“She provided a tangible role model,” Amanda explained. “She was someone who looked like me, mentored me, cared for me, and gave me the confidence that I could be someone after leaving MHS.”

After graduation, Amanda went to Duquesne University for her bachelor’s degree in health information management. She also received a master’s degree in health management, and for 15 years, has served as the Practice Operations Director at Penn Medicine.

Her daily responsibilities include mentoring and managing others and communicating effectively to encourage people. Amanda’s experiences both at MHS and in the workplace have influenced her definition of success.

“Success is not about position, title, or money,” she said. “It’s about feeling whole and fulfilled in whatever you do. Make sure you have gratitude and humility each day—that’s being successful.”

When she reflects on her time at MHS, Amanda is thankful for the resources and opportunity to build a solid foundation for success. Her advice for younger MHS students is not to rush life but enjoy the ride.

“Take your time. Life will go quickly enough, so enjoy the amazing resources [at MHS],” she said. “If you’re fortunate enough to graduate and go on to be successful in life—whether that’s raising a family or [thriving] in your career—you look back and say, ‘I have a unique viewpoint about life because of my experiences at MHS.’”

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