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Milton Hershey School Hosts Career and Technical Education Fair

Milton Hershey School Senior Division students recently presented their Elementary Division peers with a sneak peek into what their futures may hold. The school’s annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Fair at Memorial Hall featured hands-on experiences guided by students in the school’s 12 career pathways.

Rose Singleton, an MHS junior in the school’s Health Science pathway, placed special gloves on students that simulated life with arthritis. Singleton asked students to write their names to experience how arthritic patients find it difficult to grasp pencils.

In another activity, Singleton and her classmates led elementary students in cataracts bowling. The younger students wore glasses that simulate what cataract patients see and then attempted to knock down pins with a bowling ball.

“We are trying to show them how we learn about our bodies,” Singleton said. “These lessons also help teach empathy because it gives you a first-hand perspective into what others may be dealing with.”

The school’s CTE program and its 12 career pathways prepare students for college or a career. The program combines tailor-made instruction and hands-on learning with the ability to gain certifications and real-life experience through internships, co-ops, and pre-apprenticeships.

Students have the opportunity to choose between Agricultural and Natural Sciences, Automotive Technology, Business/Financial Management and Accounting, Computer Science and Innovation, Construction/Carpentry, and more.

MHS senior Jenna Allencastre-Doersom enrolled at MHS when she was in second grade. She remembers becoming interested in agriculture at a young age, which led to her joining the Agricultural and Natural Sciences pathway in high school. She is also president of the school’s FFA chapter and showcased animals at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Allencastre-Doersom appreciated the opportunity to share her love for animals with younger students at the Career and Technical Education Fair.

“At this age, children touch everything and ask questions; they are not afraid to get their hands dirty and explore,” said Allencastre-Doersom.

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