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Milton Hershey School Builds Community Through M.O.L.D. Mentoring Program

Milton Hershey School believes in the power of community and annually encourages its staff to participate in student mentoring programs to build everlasting relationships.

The Senior Division Mentoring Our Leaders’ Development (M.O.L.D.) program kicked off its annual programming with a weeklong celebration of themed activities. The student M.O.L.D committee created initiatives for mentors and mentees to complete each day and asked participants to submit pictures to start the year, Greater Together.

“These events and initiatives are designed to assist mentors and mentees in truly developing a close relationship that doesn’t only last at MHS but also beyond,” Arlene Samayoa-Rodas, MHS student leader and M.O.L.D. committee member, said. “This year, mentor pairings can look forward to participating in fun activities and staying engaged with the MHS community.”

M.O.L.D. Kickoff Week—Oct. 4-7

Meet and Greet Monday

Make a photo collage of yourself or a collage of photos that represent you. Share it with your mentor/mentee via email or text message.

Milton Hershey School teacher Mr. Sedun participates in M.O.L.D. mentoring program kickoff week

Take a Flic Tuesday

Facetime or Zoom your mentor/mentee. Capture a selfie together.

Milton Hershey School staff and students participate in the M.O.L.D. mentoring program kickoff week

Wear It Wednesday

Wear your Greater Together t-shirt to representing being Greater Together with your mentor this year. Meet with your mentor virtually to take a picture.

Milton Hershey School staff and Senior Division students wear Greater Together t-shirts during the M.O.L.D. mentoring program kickoff week

Throwback Thursday and Pep Rally

Send a picture of yourself from when you were much younger to your mentor/mentee. Attend the M.O.L.D. mentoring program kickoff pep rally with your mentee and enjoy light breakfast refreshments.

Milton Hershey School staff submit throwback Thursday pictures for M.O.L.D. mentoring program kickoff week

M.O.L.D. will be following school-wide mitigation strategies and utilizing outdoor spaces to provide fresh air and room for spacing. The student committee is busy at work planning new events that will provide opportunities for connections between staff and students.

Milton Hershey School teacher Olivia Weidemann, M.O.L.D. advisor participates in mentoring program kickoff week

“Collaborations like these help us to really tap into the amazing community here at MHS,” said Olivia Weidemann, MHS M.O.L.D. mentoring program advisor. “We are so thankful for the adults who have stepped up to make our students feel supported, valued, and seen during their time at the school.”

MHS Mentoring Program Exemplifies the Theme “Greater Together”

Video Poster

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