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Milton Hershey School Community Enjoys 2023 Founders Feast

On Sunday, Nov. 12, Milton Hershey School held its 2023 Founders Feast at Hershey Lodge, which brought together more than 2,000 MHS students and staff to celebrate the lives and legacy of Milton and Catherine Hershey. This year’s event featured musical performances from each division, along with video messages reinforcing foundational MHS elements like the MHS Definition of Success and Sacred Values.

“We cannot live out these values if we don’t remember them. We cannot remember them if we don’t practice them. We cannot practice them if we don’t know them. And we cannot know them if we don’t see them,” said MHS President Pete Gurt ’85. “These values were important to our founders, so they should be important to us. They are keys to our Breakthrough.”

Besides enjoying a meal, students also shared a common goal tied to community service. Prior to the 2023 Founders Feast, MHS students worked for several weeks to fill 1,027 gift boxes. The students will donate the gifts to children in need around the world through Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child. Students brought the boxes on Sunday to be packed and shipped.

“This is an awesome display of the commitment we’re making to service and the power of our School community,” said Will Ogle, MHS director of religious programs.

The MHS Class of 2024 also received recognition during the annual Senior Pinning Ceremony. Members of the MHS Alumni Association gave seniors their pin, which marked a milestone as they continue toward graduation. The pinning ceremony occurs in the middle of the school year to encourage seniors to commit to finishing their senior year strong. The pins serve as symbols of strength and motivation as students continue to develop postgraduation goals and plans.

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