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FOX43 Spotlights Milton Hershey School Students’ Chocolatetown Creations

Featuring Dave Curry, MHS Director of Career and Technical Education

Hersheypark has opened for the 2021 summer season and its newest attraction has a sweet connection to Milton Hershey School. Through a partnership between the school and Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R), MHS students have designed, created, or refurbished unique pieces for Chocolatetown—the newly-opened, year-round experience at the theme park.

Among many projects, students have restored a mini lighthouse and an antique car, grown and arranged flower displays, and produced the children’s menu at The Chocolatetier Restaurant.

“It feels good to be so young and be able to contribute to something so big,” said Vanessa Frimpong, a junior at MHS. “When I go to Hersheypark, I can say ‘I did that.’ People are going to eat something I created. They park is going to sell something I created. Being part of this program, it’s been so great.”

As part of the MHS curriculum, each student receives Career and Technical Education (CTE) within 12 industry tracks, gaining hands-on training in the classroom and from HE&R mentors. The collaboration between MHS students and HE&R staff is a program called Project Pathways. The school’s pathways are represented throughout Chocolatetown in specialties like agriculture, culinary, carpentry/construction, and business/finance.

“We’re giving the students a real world glimpse of the careers that they think they’re interested in,” said Dave Curry, CTE director at MHS. “It gives the students an experience that you can’t replicate in the classroom.”

Click here to learn more about the MHS CTE program and visit the Hersheypark website for more details on the Chocolatetown attraction.

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