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Whole Child Care Collection

As leaders in holistic education, Milton Hershey School staff believe providing for students’ daily needs is essential to their success. See how we lead the way in thought leadership.

Helping Students Succeed by Meeting Their Basic Needs

By Linda Breisch, MHS Assistant Director of Nursing You cannot reach your potential in any part of life unless you have your basic needs met, and that includes your health....

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Pennsylvania KinConnector Podcast Shares How Milton Hershey School Helps Grandparents

Featuring Shaun Turner, MHS Senior Director Enrollment Management and Family Relations Pennsylvania KinConnector’s podcast, Kindred Voices, focuses on sharing resources with kinship caregivers, or grandparents who care for children when...

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FOX43 Showcases How Milton Hershey School and Houseparents Help Children in Need

Featuring Shannon Butler, MHS Houseparent Television news station, FOX43, recently aired an in-depth story highlighting how Milton Hershey School and its houseparents lift children out of poverty. The piece features...

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Milton Hershey School Hosts Twitter Chat About Stress During the Pandemic

Children respond to stress in different ways. During an ongoing pandemic like COVID-19, a child’s caregiver—whether it’s a parent, teacher, or trusted adult—can all contribute to the child’s health and...

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Milton Hershey School Psychologist Shares Whole Child Care Advice for Parents This Holiday Season

Featuring Dr. Mike Valle, Assistant Director of Psychological Services MHS Assistant Director of Psychological Services Dr. Mike Valle, MHS whole child care expert, was featured on NBC10 in Philadelphia as...

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A History of Student Health Services Provided for the Milton Hershey School Community

Featuring Chris Rich, MHS Senior Manager of Student Health Services Shortly after marrying Milton S. Hershey, Catherine Hershey joined and was an active member of Lancaster Charity Society, an organization...

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Milton Hershey School Health Center Provides for Daily Needs During Pandemic

Featuring Jamie Byerly, MHS Director of Nursing and Medical Services At Milton Hershey School, students’ medical, dental, psychological, behavioral, and social work needs are met on campus at the Health...

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A Vision for the Whole Child Approach

Milton and Catherine Hershey loved to travel, attend the opera, and entertain friends. Even though they led what looked like a charmed life, something was missing—children. When they created the...

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The Importance of Oral Health—Providing Comprehensive Dental Services at Milton Hershey School

Featuring Karen Koussis, MHS Dental Hygienist Walking into Copenhaver Center, it’s hard to miss the tooth flag hanging off the wall. It marks the entrance to the dental clinic for...

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Health Blog: A Closer Look at Brain Development in Low-Income Children

Featuring Dr. Beth Shaw, MHS Executive Director of Student Support Services Redirecting brain development through evidence-based interventions For more than century, Milton Hershey School has been nurturing students by providing...

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