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Tag: Holidays At MHS

Milton Hershey School Exclusive Evening at Hershey Sweet Lights

The Milton Hershey School community was invited to an exclusive night at Hershey Sweet Lights on Thursday, Nov. 19. Students and staff drove through the festive displays and enjoyed a...

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MHS Students Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

Throughout November and December, Milton Hershey School is filled with holiday magic as students come together as a community to create memories and traditions. Some of these traditions go back...

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Christmas Memories

Both Milton and Catherine had very simple, meager childhoods, and Christmas for both was most likely celebrated with little fanfare. Yet, Milton Hershey recognized the holiday by giving each employee...

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The Gift of Thanksgiving Traditions at Milton Hershey School

It is fitting that the Deed of Trust creating Hershey Industrial School was signed by Mr. and Mrs. Hershey on November 15, 1909—during the season of harvest and thanksgiving. Giving,...

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5 Ways to Keep Children Active During the Holiday Season

During the holidays, taking time to exercise often falls to the bottom of the list thanks to work and family obligations. But making time to exercise doesn’t have to be...

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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, in 2015 one in seven Americans and more than 12 million families struggled with hunger. Not being able to afford balanced meals...

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