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The voices of Milton Hershey School are all distinct, but each extraordinary in their own way. MHS blog tells the stories of our extraordinary students, staff, houseparents, parents/sponsors, and graduates. Read on to learn what brought them to MHS, the impact it has had, and the impact they hope to impart on the lives of others.

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How My Generation Can Make the Biggest Difference on Earth

By Jordan, a sophomore at MHS For thousands of years, humans have taken advantage of the environment to better their lives. We have domesticated plants and animals. We have taken...

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The Travels of Milton and Catherine Hershey: A Collection of Postcards

Milton and Catherine Hershey loved to travel. Together or alone, for business or for pleasure, the Hersheys visited over 20 countries and nearly 200 cities. They embarked on multiple tours...

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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Facing Challenges

By Liz, a sophomore at MHS When we get tested by struggles in our lives, I think many students overlook a simple but obvious fact: those challenges make us stronger,...

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ABC, Easy as 123

By Clare Ogle, an MHS houseparent Trying to get my kindergartener to do his homework usually goes one of two ways: he’s either thrilled and can’t wait to do it,...

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The Women Who Shaped MHS

Women have been an integral part of Milton Hershey School from its earliest days. Beginning with Catherine Hershey’s direct involvement, MHS benefitted not only from a woman’s touch, but a...

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Music In Our Schools Month: The Benefits of Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and performing arts (VPA) affect most people’s daily lives, whether we’re watching a movie, viewing an advertisement, or listening to music. For students who choose to participate in the...

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Character and Leadership Development: Jacob’s Story

When Jacob enrolled at Milton Hershey School as a seventh-grader, his dad encouraged him to be a leader. As he completed middle school and entered high school, Jacob’s houseparents also...

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Health and Wellness: Sabrina’s Story

Sabrina began her journey at MHS in 2009 as a fifth grader. While she understood the importance of health and wellness, it wasn’t until she entered the school’s Transitional Living...

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The History of Founders Hall: A Tradition of Excellence

Milton Hershey dedicated his fortune to help low income children reach their full potential. He made sure that all students had everything they needed to have a successful start in...

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Education Never Ends: The Goals of a First-Generation College Student

By Malaysia, a senior at MHS When I enrolled at Milton Hershey School, I was given unlimited access to books, technology, and the expertise of our faculty and staff—all the...

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