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An Everlasting Community

By Ethan, an MHS senior

Beginning a new year isn’t always easy, but the goals you set for yourself can help you start the new year strong.

Before I came to Milton Hershey School, I grew up in many states due to my father’s job in the military. I had seen many people fail to do what MHS students achieve here. They had goals they weren’t able to reach because they didn’t work for them.

When I landed in Hershey on June 19, 2016 and enrolled at MHS, I didn’t know how I would transition to life on campus. That’s when I realized the students, staff, alumni, and the entire MHS community are always by your side to help you through thick and thin.

When I started to make connections with the people at this school, my days became easier to walk through. I truly believe that with the support of the family you have the moment you enroll at MHS, your goals can become your success.

Ethan, an MHS senior

In 2019, I want to make the rest of the year the best that I can. One of my goals is to go to college through the school’s commitment to making that opportunity available to me. Whether it’s my grades in school, postsecondary abilities, or my daily routine, I want to improve as much as I can. I want to build my connections as much as possible.

At MHS, our community is everlasting. It welcomes each person with gratitude. It encourages students who have an intent to achieve success. It gives staff and students the vision to keep going. It teaches us how to have enthusiasm in the work that our community completes.

This community chooses to give with no intent to receive.

I love the abundant giving, the kindness toward others, and the vast love from the MHS community.

Ethan enrolled at Milton Hershey School in tenth grade from New Castle, Pennsylvania.


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