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Parents/Sponsors of the Year Honored at Milton Hershey School’s Spring Family Weekend

During Spring Family Weekend, four outstanding Milton Hershey School parents/sponsors were honored with the 2022 Parent/Sponsor of the Year Award. These recipients were recognized for their exceptional commitment and dedication to their children, grandchildren, and to MHS.

The Parent/Sponsor of the Year Award was created by The Family Gratitude Foundation in Honor of Gertrude Gurt, an organization that annually recognizes parents/sponsors for their strength and resiliency in the face of adversity, as well as their great love and dedication to the school as modeled by Mrs. Gertrude Gurt—a former parent/sponsor herself and mother of President Pete Gurt ’85.

“Today is about honoring parents and sponsors who have not only made the choice to enroll their children at MHS but have made a personal pledge and commitment to support their children and work alongside our staff to achieve better student outcomes,” said President Pete Gurt ’85.

Milton Hershey School President, Pete Gurt '85, annoucnes the parents/sponsors of the year winners

This year’s honorees included Kristy Stover, mother of Eden and Kaden; Daniel Gilliland, father of Tauryn, Rowyn, and Baelin; Adelaide Adusei, mother of Carys and Caitlyn; and Penny Beitman, grandmother of Kya.

About the Honorees:

Kristy Stover is an engaged mom of two MHS students. She demonstrates the MHS Sacred Values in every interaction with her children and staff. By providing constant support to her children and partnering with MHS teachers, houseparents, and staff to ensure the success of her children, Kristy has shown a deep understanding of the partnership between MHS and parents/sponsors.

Milton Hershey School parent/sponsor, Kristy Stover, is honored as a 2022 Parent/Sponsor of the Year

Daniel Gilliland is the father of three MHS students and views each student home as an extension of his family. He uses the MHS Sacred Values of Commitment to Mission and Mutual Respect to actively collaborate with his children’s houseparents. One set of houseparents said, “Mr. Gilliland is a wonderful, very involved sponsor!  He is always supportive and grateful for MHS. His children thrive here because they know that he is committed to the mission of MHS. He is very respectful and team-centered in his partnership with us. We have the privilege of sharing in the lives of his children and we are blessed to call him our friend!”

Milton Hershey School parent/sponsor, Daniel Gilliland, is honored as a 2022 Parent/Sponsor of the Year

Adelaide Adusei is dedicated to the MHS Sacred Values—especially Commitment to Mission. She often drives two-hours one way to visit her daughters on weekends and holidays or to watch them compete in their athletic events. She is intentional about finding ways to connect with not only her daughters but also their friends and the staff who provide their care. Adelaide never misses an opportunity to support and cheer for her children.

Milton Hershey School parent/sponsor represents resiliency

Penny Beitman is a supportive grandparent who saw the value of enrolling her granddaughter at MHS in elementary school and watching her flourish through graduation. In June 2022, her granddaughter graduates with the significant title of lifer. Ms. Beitman visits campus often and has done a great job of facilitating her granddaughter’s enrollment.

Milton Hershey School parent/sponsor, Penny Beitman, Penny, is honored as a 2022 Parent/Sponsor of the Year

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