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Tag: Year-Round Experiences

Summer 2018 at Milton Hershey School

Summer is in full swing at Milton Hershey School, and so is the school’s Year-Round Experiences (YRE) program. Throughout the summer, students have the opportunity to participate in a multitude...

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MHS Students Give Back to Community in Need This Summer

This summer, approximately 50 Milton Hershey School high school students traveled to Uniontown, Pennsylvania for domestic service learning experiences. Uniontown is located in Fayette County where the poverty rate is...

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Finding Hope Through Health and Wellness

Originally from Middletown, Pennsylvania, Jose remembers feeling a startling lack of hope before enrolling at Milton Hershey School. “Before I came to MHS, some things happened that changed my mindset....

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Aaron Dabney ’08

As an eighth-grader from the south side of Chicago, Aaron Dabney ’08 was grieving the loss of some of his friends—who had been killed in gang violence—when he enrolled at...

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Changing the World One Student at a Time: Katie’s Internship

Rising Milton Hershey School senior, Katie, is passionate about law and education policy. To gain experience in these fields and refine her post-graduation goals, Katie interned at a local school...

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Brock Romano ’12

When Brock Romano ’12 enrolled as a sixth-grader at Milton Hershey School on April 2, 2006, he was excited to live near cows, have recreational opportunities, and most importantly, experience...

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The Transformation of Milton Hershey School’s Recreation Program

When Milton Hershey was giving a reporter a tour of the school in 1924, they encountered a group of excited boys that were participating in the school’s recreation program. When...

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Reducing Summer Learning Loss with Year-Round Experiences Summer Program

For many students across the U.S., summer is full of vacations, time spent outdoors, and gatherings with friends and family. These activities are fun and relaxing, but they don’t always...

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