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Milton Hershey School Recognizes Parents/Sponsors During Awards Ceremony

Milton Hershey School came together to celebrate outstanding parents/sponsors of MHS students during Spring Family Weekend.

On Saturday, May 11, MHS held a ceremony to recognize recipients of the 2024 Parent/Sponsor of the Year Award. Each year, four MHS parents and sponsors are honored with this award to recognize their exceptional commitment and dedication to their children, grandchildren, and to MHS.

President Pete Gurt ’85 opened the ceremony by welcoming the parents/sponsors and community members in attendance.

“Today, we are celebrating members of our parent/sponsor community who not only have achieved their Breakthrough, but have helped their students do the same,” Gurt said.

After the ceremony, attendees participated in the Spartan Family Fun Run/Walk, benefitting the Family Gratitude Foundation in Honor of Gertrude Gurt, followed by a community lunch.

The Family Gratitude Foundation in Honor of Gertrude Gurt was formed more than five years ago by a group of MHS staff members who wanted to volunteer their time to support current parents/sponsors.

This year’s Parent/Sponsor of the Year Award honorees are Tawanda Washington, Catherine and Lesmore Gibb, Bendu Boyce, and Marie McMasters.

About the Honorees:

Tawanda Washington is a wonderful parent/sponsor of her daughters Tarianda, Amara, and Amayah and is actively engaged in the MHS community. Tawanda is an example of the MHS Sacred Values. She is a great advocate for her children and is always sitting in the front row at her daughter’s basketball games. She has a positive relationship with her children’s houseparents and many others in the MHS community.

Catherine and Lesmore Gibb are the caring parents/sponsors of Joshua and Simeon. Both Catherine and Lesmore regularly visit campus to see their children, while also taking time to positively influence other MHS students.  The Gibbs always cheer on Joshua at his basketball games and stay closely involved in their children’s pursuits.

Bendu Boyce is the supportive parent/sponsor of Irvin, Aaron, and Joanna. Bendu always has a kind word for those she interacts with in the MHS community, and frequently expresses her gratitude. She is a great advocate of the MHS mission and it shows in the way she encourages her children to be involved members of the MHS community.

Marie McMasters is the committed sponsor and grandmother of Travis, Austin, Hadley, Colton, and Asher. She is fully devoted to the success of her grandchildren and upholds the MHS Sacred Value of commitment to mission in many ways. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her grandchildren are doing well at MHS and maintains a positive relationship with their houseparents, who are her partners in raising them.

Learn More about the Family Gratitude Foundation


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