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Milton Hershey School Agriculture Students See Farm-to-Table in Action

Milton Hershey School students who interned with the Agricultural and Environmental Education (AEE) program this summer got a special glimpse into the real farm-to-table experience when they assisted in the delivery of student-grown produce to The Hotel Hershey in August.

These regular deliveries are part of an MHS and The Hotel Hershey partnership. Students get the hands-on experience in the fields and greenhouses located on MHS campus, and then learn agribusiness when the produce is purchased for use in signature dishes at the resort’s restaurants–The Circular, Trevi 5, and Harvest.

Milton Hershey School agriculture students grow produce for The Hotel Hershey

Photo taken in August 2021 before the Opening of School.

For this recent delivery, the summer internship class hand-delivered approximately 80 pounds of freshly-picked produce to Chef Mario Oliverio, Executive Sous Chef at The Hotel Hershey. They also watched a cooking demonstration featuring the produce and enjoyed a meal with Chef discussing culinary techniques and careers.

“I really liked the fact that I was able to harvest something, then watch the chef prepare it, and especially eat it (arguably the best part!),” described MHS junior and AEE summer intern, Layne Cooper. “I learned what it takes to manage a restaurant but also see the real-world application of what I was learning in AEE.”

Milton Hershey School student-grown produce for The Hotel Hershey

If you would like to cook with these ingredients yourself, visit the Farmers Market in Hershey or purchase student-grown fruits and vegetables from the MHS Project Market online store.

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