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Why Parents/Sponsors are Thankful for Milton Hershey School

Parents/sponsors are a key part of the Milton Hershey School family. They want what is best for the children in their lives. Through a safe living environment, character development, and a top-notch education, MHS provides students opportunities to become their greatest selves. These opportunities make parents/sponsors grateful for the resources and encouragement for their children to build a brighter future that may not have been possible without the help from MHS.

Below, several parents/sponsors share their reasons why they are thankful for MHS.

Emily Ferguson, MHS parent/sponsor

Emily Ferguson

My family is grateful for Milton Hershey School. MHS is my kids’ second home. Even though I’m not seeing them every weekend because of COVID-19 and the School’s Health and Safety Plan, I know my kids are well-loved and there is so much to be grateful for. I appreciate all the time and energy that all MHS staff put forth for our children. I love that my kids are at MHS and not begging to come home. They are learning and having fun every day.

My family is grateful that MHS is there as a resource. They are an organization that puts kids first and truly cares about students’ well-being. COVID-19 has presented many challenges, but I know that MHS is putting in extra hours and handling the little and big things. Everyone at MHS deserves a big thank you. We appreciate all of you.

Michelle Schofield, MHS parent/sponsor

Michelle Schofield

I am thankful for MHS and its commitment to mission. In a time of unrest and uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, MHS adjusted its health and safety strategies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. School leaders and staff stepped up and supported parents/sponsors. They instilled confidence in their students and staff. Seeing my son, his houseparents, and admissions staff display positive spirit, one of the School’s Sacred Values, gave me reassurance that everything is going to be okay. MHS reassured me that moving forward was the only direction to go, and I was going to come along. MHS is amazing, and I am grateful.

Steve and Amy Hill, MHS parents/sponsors

Steve and Amy Hill

We are honored to be parents/sponsors for three of our grandchildren who are attending MHS. It would take an hour to detail all the reasons we are thankful for MHS. We are most grateful for the School’s founders Milton and Catherine Hershey for their selfless foresight.

We are also thankful for the houseparents and flex houseparents for providing a loving environment for students 24/7, 365 days a year. We appreciate all MHS staff, including principals, food services staff, teachers, maintenance staff, janitorial staff, and medical staff. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity our grandchildren have to receive a top-notch education, both academically and socially and emotionally, in a safe and secure environment.

Hope Wines, MHS parent/sponsor

Hope Wines

My son Hayston enrolled at MHS in 2011, and he is currently a senior in high school. As the parent of a senior, I am most thankful for the academic support MHS gives Hayston. He has earned exceptionally high grades while taking extremely hard classes. I know this will help his chances of getting into his colleges of choice. I am also thankful for the stability and character education MHS provides. Thank you, MHS, for all that you offer my son.

Holly Hockenberry, MHS parent/sponsor

Holly Hockenberry

I have three daughters – two are currently attending Milton Hershey School, and one recently graduated. What I love most about MHS is that the School provides every student with a warm place to sleep and three meals every day. I am also thankful for the education they receive, as well as the continuing support they get once they graduate from MHS. Thank you, MHS, for supporting students and alumni.

Arlin Borrome, MHS parent/sponsor

Arlin Borrome

I am thankful for Milton Hershey School because of the love and care they give our children and families. I am thankful for the dedication of every single person that works there, from administration and security to houseparents. They treat every student like their own. We are a blended family, and I’m so thankful I can be part of this blended family. Thank you, MHS, for taking care of my kids every day as if they were your own.

Peggy McWhite, MHS parent/sponsor

Peggy McWhite

I have three great-grandchildren at Milton Hershey School. I am very happy because I know they are safe at MHS. I know they are being educated and taught manners. I also know that the houseparents are there to help them, and they help me, too. I am also grateful for the mentorship students receive at MHS. My family feels blessed and thankful to be part of MHS.

Kelly Elkins, MHS parent/sponsor

Kelly Elkins

I thank Milton Hershey School for their selfless commitment to empower students from families of lower-income. Because of Mr. and Mrs. Hershey’s vision, I have been able to write a brighter future for my family. Four of my five children have attended MHS, and two of them are still attending. My oldest son graduated in 2015 and now has his master’s degree in architecture. While my children have been attending MHS, I was also able to further my education. I got my RN license. Thank you, MHS, for empowering so many children and families.

MHS Parents/Sponsors Share Why They Are Thankful For MHS

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