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Milton Hershey School Lifer Believes Class of 2024 Can Change the World

Susan Kargbo will graduate in June with the distinction of being a Milton Hershey School lifer. MHS has had more than 600 alumni enroll in pre-K, kindergarten, or first grade. At MHS, these students earn the distinction of being a lifer once they complete their 12 years of schooling and graduate.

As we prepare to celebrate them at the school’s 90th Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, June 9, we asked several of this year’s 18 lifers what their time at MHS has meant to them.

Milton Hershey School lifer Susan Kargbo sits with friends at a dinner.

What inspired your family to choose MHS for your education?

My family was inspired by the number of opportunities that I would have at MHS that many other schools could not offer. Additionally, they knew MHS offers many resources post-graduation to help students succeed.

How would you describe your journey from the moment you enrolled at MHS to your final year? 

A journey of growth, as I came to MHS at a young age and grew up here. The people at this school guided me and helped mold me into the person I am, leading me to be who I want to become.

The Class of 2024 has the aspiration and drive that can truly change the world. I am very happy that I stayed the course.

What are some of the Breakthrough moments you’ve had at MHS?

Breakthroughs are pushing back against obstacles, whether mentally or in one’s surroundings, to grow as a person. One Breakthrough moment I had at MHS was when I had the opportunity to travel abroad. That experience further opened my eyes to the world and I learned a lot from it.

Who has made an impact on you during your time at MHS?

My high school houseparents, Mrs. (Catherine) and Mr. (Patrick) Lynn, greatly helped me navigate high school and discover myself. They were always available to talk or help with issues. That welcoming environment meant a lot. Additionally, my middle school houseparents, Mrs. (Erin) and Mr. (Nathaniel) Hiron, helped me in a similar way.

How has MHS prepared you for your future? 

MHS allowed me to experience so much and learn more about who I am and what I would like to pursue. Through opportunities like internships and different clubs, I possess skills I will need to succeed in the future.

What are some of the most memorable, fun memories that you’ve had during your time here?

One of my most memorable moments at MHS was my first time going to the beach on student home vacations in Kindergarten and being surrounded by all my house sisters. We did fun things like play in the sand and explore the boardwalk. At MHS, I have been a part of many clubs such as Student Government Association, mock trial team, track, Model United Nations, dance, and music.

What advice would you share with a younger MHS student as they work hard and persevere toward their own Breakthrough moment? 

Eventually, the storm or the obstacle will pass. Even if things do not seem the best, learning how to persevere at MHS will be a great asset in learning how to do the same in life. Additionally, staying true to who you are in all things is an important value to have.

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