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My MHS BlogCategory: Historical: From the Vault

Milton Hershey and the City by the Bay

Our work in the school archives never fails to surprise and inspire us. Just when we think there is nothing new to discover, something unique comes to light. In this...

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The Transformation of Milton Hershey School’s Recreation Program

When Milton Hershey was giving a reporter a tour of the school in 1924, they encountered a group of excited boys that were participating in the school’s recreation program. When...

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Top 7 Pieces of Historic Architecture and Landscaping on MHS Campus

“There is not a person alive who should not plant a tree – not for the shade that you’ll enjoy, but for those who are coming after.” –Milton Hershey To...

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A Timeline of MHS Commencements through the Years

Commencement is a momentous occasion at Milton Hershey School. For MHS students, this campus has not only been their school but also a home away from home. In the early...

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Built on Sugar: Hershey in Cuba

Did you know Milton Hershey had a personal and professional interest in Cuba? To help ensure a steady supply of sugar for his chocolate, Milton Hershey began to acquire land...

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It Was Kitty’s Idea

The Milton Hershey School, located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, began as a dream and vision shared by chocolate magnate Milton Hershey and his wife, Catherine. Unable to have children of their...

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Milton and Kitty: A Love Story

Imagine the shock Milton Hershey’s mother must have felt when in 1898 he arrived home in Lancaster from a weekend away with an attractive young bride. Fanny Hershey was not...

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Catherine Hershey: A Shortened Life Remembered (1871-1915)

March 25, 2015, marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Catherine Hershey. March is also Women’s History Month, a time to highlight the contributions of women to events in...

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