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Carlos Anavitate-Bermudez ’13

Carlos Anavitate-Bermudez ’13 enrolled at Milton Hershey School in 2010, and he remembers the day clearly because it was the day his life changed.

“I was homeless with my grandma and my sister,” Carlos explained. “There were things I really wanted to do that I couldn’t and things I could have used that I didn’t have access to.”

Milton Hershey School was the place that gave him access to the tools he needed to reach his full potential. He had academic and professional opportunities at his fingertips to help him develop attainable, fulfilling goals.

“When I think of Milton Hershey School, I think of new beginnings,” Carlos said. “It gives you a fresh start. We’re taken from these disadvantaged situations, and we’re brought up in a place where we can become who we want to be.”

Thanks to the support he received at MHS both in and out of the classroom, Carlos is now enrolled at HACC and is a few classes away from receiving his degree. He hopes to eventually work as an architect or teach architecture to his fellow Milts at MHS. No matter what, Carlos is focused on keeping the Hersheys’ legacy alive. 

“What blows my mind is the fact that a man who didn’t have his own children just decided, ‘I’m going to give my fortune [to children in need.]’” Carlos said. “He didn’t even know at the time that he was going to have an impact on a lot of people’s lives.”

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