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Ashley Altman ’07

Ashley Altman ’07 enrolled at Milton Hershey School for financial and social reasons. While she knew what it was like to get good grades, she did not have the financial support or understand the path she needed to get into college. As the first individual in her family to attend college, she appreciated the doors that opened for her at MHS.

“As I was waiting for my enrollment at MHS, I was skipping school and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Even though I wasn’t necessarily doing anything overly wrong… I really don’t know where that path would have led me,” said Ashley. “So it was really important for me to go to MHS.”

After graduating from MHS, Ashley attended Drexel University. She received a bachelor’s degree in finance and graduated with honors. She has worked in several areas of finance but currently serves as a Financial Services Representative at Foresters Financial Services in Philadelphia.

Ashley wants to improve as many lives as possible both in and outside of the finance world.

“MHS really taught me a lot about being philanthropic… It [also] helped me create work structure and maximize time efficiency,” said Ashley.

She volunteers through Big Brothers Big Sisters and other organizations, proving it’s possible to be successful and give back to the community.

“I smile now because I see the benefit of everything MHS was able to give to me. I took advantage of everything I could while I was there and really capitalized on both the scholarship and the support system they provided once I graduated,” Ashley shared. “I’m able to have a life that the generations before me in my family were never able to have.”

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