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Milton Hershey School Honors Milton Hershey’s Legacy

Milton Hershey School lives as a breathing testament to Milton S. Hershey’s life and family. Although he came from humble beginnings, he grew into the resilient creator of The Hershey Company; thus, bringing full circle his legacy in creating better lives for disadvantaged children.

Milton’s mother, Fanny, valued hard work and perseverance. Milton’s father, Henry was a “renaissance man” full of vision, but often gone from home chasing after the newest discovery or invention. Milton was inspired by his parents’ character traits which he blended together to create his own creative vision and work ethic that served him well professionally and personally throughout his life.

Milton Hershey's parents Fanny and Henry Hershey as a part of his legacy

His childhood has many similarities to MHS students today—switching schools, separated parents, and working to help support his family. When students learn about Milton Hershey’s childhood experiences, students relate to him as a real person with real challenges. Mr. Hershey wanted MHS students to have a stable life that included caring for daily needs and providing a top-notch education so they can lead successful lives.

Milton Hershey with a student of Hershey Industrial School as part of his legacy

Over 110 years later, MHS has served over 11,000 graduates since its founding and continues to serve more children through a new Early Childhood Education (ECE) Initiative. The Initiative will expand on the Hersheys’ vision, impacting more children from disadvantaged and at-risk backgrounds through the construction of six ECRC Centers across Pennsylvania.

Teaser for Milton Hershey’s Legacy Video

Milton Hershey's Legacy video rendition photo

To honor Milton Hershey’s legacy, the new Visitors Center at Founders Hall will feature an exciting video that takes you on a journey through his extraordinary life. The MHS community can look back through Milton’s life and relate his experiences to their own as students, staff, and alumni.

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