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Milton Hershey School Develops New Pathway for Students to Pursue Careers in Education and Human Services

For nearly 110 years, Milton Hershey School (MHS) has led the charge in career and technical education, giving students an edge through specialized career-focused pathways, tailor-made instruction, and authentic work experiences. The school’s award-winning Career and Technical Education (CTE) program has evolved throughout the years and continues to adapt as industry trends change.

Beginning in the fall of 2019, the program will evolve once again to align with the current job market by launching a new career pathway in Education and Human Services for its high school students. This pathway will offer dedicated education and social work classes, internship and job shadow experiences, and industry-recognized certification opportunities —all before graduation.

“After analyzing current career opportunities in Pennsylvania and the United States, along with the employment projections for the next 10 years, we designed the Education and Human Services career pathway to give our students a head start and help develop a more skilled pool of educators and social workers throughout the state,” said Dave Curry, MHS Director of Career and Technical Education.

MHS high school student

Milton Hershey School is the first school in Pennsylvania to offer specialized training and instruction in education and human services. The new career concentration is the 12th pathway offered through the school’s CTE program, which provides students with career preparation and exposure as early as elementary school. MHS students, who come from low-income backgrounds, work with career counselors to develop their future career goals based on their skills and interests.

“Many of our students grew up in counties across the state where teachers and social workers are in high demand,” Curry said. “After graduating from MHS, a significant amount of our graduates are interested in giving back to their home communities by pursuing a career in education. The Education and Human Services career pathway gives them the opportunity to begin fulfilling this goal before graduating from high school.”

Approximately 16 percent of MHS graduates who are currently enrolled at a college or university are pursuing degrees in education, psychology, or social work.

The Education and Human Services career pathway is part of Milton Hershey School’s ongoing commitment to enhancing students’ career exposure and preparation through career and technical education. In 2018, MHS implemented the first state-registered pre-apprenticeship program, providing students with the ability to work in their desired trade or industry prior to graduation.

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