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Milton Hershey School Community Celebrates Cultural Week

Milton Hershey School recently celebrated its students’ and staff members’ many backgrounds through Cultural Week: Unified In Diversity.

The Student Government Association and Cultural Diversity Club teamed up to host the weeklong celebration. Students and staff showcased art, flags, and fashion from their families’ traditions. The week ended with campus cafeterias offering special meals to expose the community to food from different areas of the world.

“To me, culture is an important part of our identities. With culture, we can express who we are and where we’re from. We can connect with others who are part of the same culture, or even learn about people who aren’t,” said MHS freshman Maame Asante.

Asante added everyone should be proud of their culture because it showcases everyone’s uniqueness.

“Culture is connection, pride, and community; it’s all of who we are as people,” she said.

Cultural Week also gave students an opportunity to learn about their peers’ backgrounds. During a Diversity Forum, students shared how they express their culture in their everyday lives. They also discussed the importance of learning about other students’ family traditions.

“I can help embrace diversity by showing people how their differences differences make them special and every part of their identity is unique,” said MHS junior Victoria Gbodi.

Freshman Abigail Gbodi noted it is important for students to befriend people who come from different backgrounds.

“Everyone matters and is loved,” she said.

The Cultural Diversity Club promotes the MHS Sacred Values by teaching the school community to mutually respect everyone, despite their differences. Throughout the year, the Club provides students with opportunities to engage in challenging discussions. The club also offers students leadership opportunities and the chance to build social and emotional learning skills in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“I now have an opportunity to embrace diversity by showing other people about topics I learned about during Cultural Week,” said MHS Freshman Te’Dream Fleming.

Cultural Week closely aligns with the school’s 2025 strategic plan, also known as the MILT Plan, which aims to engage the campus community in ways to model character and well-being.

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Milton Hershey School does not discriminate in admissions or other programs and services on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, sex, religious creed or disability. Read important MHS policies on equal opportunity and diversity, equal employment opportunity, and more.