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Milton Hershey School Celebrates 2024 Fourth Grade Promotion Ceremony

Milton Hershey School fourth grade students celebrated a thrilling Breakthrough on Friday, June 7, when they were promoted to Middle Division. Family, friends, teachers, Home Life staff, and other supporters packed into Memorial Hall to witness the 2024 Fourth Grade Promotion Ceremony.

“Congratulations, you made it through a remarkable year filled with learning, growth and countless Breakthrough moments,” Amanda Smith, MHS Elementary Division principal, told the class.

Smith reminded the students to express gratitude to the many adults who helped them achieve this milestone. She commended the students’ ability to overcome fears and face challenging situations.

“Each test, each project, each hurdle has brought you closer to becoming the amazing people you are today,” she said.

Smith encouraged the students to expand upon that work ethic as they enter Middle Division. She told the class their Elementary Division support system will continue to follow their educational journey.

“Believe in yourselves, work hard, and never, ever be afraid to ask for help when you need it,” she continued.


At the conclusion of the 2024 Fourth Grade Promotion Ceremony, school administrators presented the following awards to students:

Milton Hershey Visionary Award: Zahfaren Butler and Rosetta Saah

Milton and Catherine Hershey Inspiration Awards: Belonging, Shea Bower and Andy Le Tran; Heroes, Zoe Cruz and Zahfaren Butler; Sense of Accomplishment, Kayla Sanchez and Jase Ireland; Fun and Excitement, Catherine Pohlit and Solomon Walter; Curiosity and Creativity, Gracy Holland and Dyllon Sommer; Spirit of Adventure, Ameerah Sanchez and Lamar Cornelius; Leadership and Responsibility, LiHannah Colon and Leland Corman; Confidence to Take Action, Talia St. Herald and Omar Bangura.

Lifer Awards: Grace Agyemang, Sean Benz, Zahfaren Butler, Cameron Carbone, Antaniya Chisholm, Jaslyn Collins, Leland Corman, Isaiah Cruz-Wright, Zoey Dean, Teagan Edwards, Ava’lee Figueroa-Contreras, Kamryn Flanagan, Jade Flasher, London Jiles, Zion Glover, Ira Harrison, Noah Harvey, Elizabeth Holbrook, Jase Ireland, Aaliyah Kennedy, Austine Lewis, Haven Marko, Chase McCarron, Rufus Neufville, Kristina Peek, Lillie Poff, Catherine Pohlit, Erin Potts, Evelyn Rhine, Rosetta Saah, Radley Saillant, Ameerah Sanchez, Jahsear Sheriff, Dyllon Sommer, Leeland Torres, Jasmine Turay, Kree-Amore, Walker-Smith, Oliver Wood, and Kaylauni Zimmerman.

Milton Hershey School Sacred Values Awards: Positive Spirit, Ameerah Sanchez and Michael Palmer; Commitment to Mission, Rosetta Saah and Roya le Ramos; Integrity, Grace Agyemang and Zachariah Davis; Mutual Respect, Frances-Vee Viskinda and Vairys Soto.

Good Citizenship Award: Rosetta Saah and Radley Sailant

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Rewatch the 2024 Fourth Grade Promotion Ceremony

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