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CBS21 Reports on How Milton Hershey School Teaches Students About 9/11

Featuring Dr. Jamie Kinsley, MHS Social Studies Teacher

In remembrance of September 11, 2001, CBS21 interviewed Milton Hershey School social studies teacher Dr. Jamie Kinsley and her students about the tragic day and how it continues to impact our nation. For the 20th anniversary of the attacks, Kinsley prepared a special lesson to share with her students, helping them understand through news clips and discussion how the day unfolded.

“We talk about what the day means to them because they’re the next generation, they’re going to lead the country, they’re the leaders of the school,” Kinsley said.

Some MHS students, including Preston Barnett, have friends who lost loved ones on 9/11. “Even though I wasn’t born then, it still hurts today,” he said.

Other students, like ninth-grader Emma Friedman, reflected on the past by looking ahead. “It was one of the days that we were all truly Americans because it made us think of what we could lose,” she said. “Knowing what we can lose, it unifies us more. All these things leave scars, but the scars are what help you and shape you in the future.”

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