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ABC27 Showcases Milton Hershey School Students’ Hands-on Learning Experience Caring for Baby Goats

Featuring Rachel Teller, MHS Associate Director of Agricultural and Environmental Education

The birth of 36 baby goats at Milton Hershey School’s Animal Center in the past two months has grabbed the attention of those in the MHS community and beyond. Abc27 reporter Michella Drapac visited the barn to see the role students in the Agriculture and Natural Resources career pathway play in the care of these animals and how that experience contributes to their future career goals.

Milton Hershey School baby goat born in 2021

During the visit, a group of seniors weighed the goats to determine the appropriate amount of deworming medicine for each animal and then administered the oral medication.

Rachel Teller, MHS Associate Director of Agricultural and Environmental Education, explained how the goats are incorporated into the curriculum of students from pre-K through 12th grade. “[It’ll] showcase different genetic models, we can use them for math as well, using different coefficients to explain the genetic tendencies that we see. We also again use their milk for different products. We teach the culinary art students about cheese.”

Milton Hershey School goats were featured on ABC27

Senior Kenneth Casey shared, “This is one of the best [learning experiences] because it’s a lot of hands-on and there’s always something new and interesting we can learn.” Kenneth plans to continue his focus on agriculture and natural resources after graduation. He will attend Paul Smith’s College to study Natural Resources Management and Conservation. All MHS students can also accrue up to $95,000 in Continuing Education Scholarship funding that can be used toward tuition as well as room and board expenses, even at private colleges.

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