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Tips to Maintaining Self-Care During COVID-19

By Adria Miller and Mary Readinger, Milton Hershey School Senior Division Behavior Support Specialists

Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Milton Hershey School and our home communities are faced with adversity and uncertainty that can create some unsteady feelings and anxiety for students, staff, and parents/sponsors.

Especially during this time, it is important that everyone practice self-care. Self-care is most easily defined as taking care of yourself and your basic needs. Examples of daily self-care include eating regular meals, getting enough sleep, taking time to socialize with friends and family (while keeping in mind social distancing), and exercising.

When on a normal daily schedule, especially at MHS, many daily self-care activities are built into your day—things like going to the gym, going to school or work, being able to go to see friends and family members. But, when facing times of stress or less structured time, self-care is often one of the first things that seem to get cut out of our busy schedules.

Here is a checklist of tips to ensure you maintain proper self-care:

  • Drink water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat well
  • Maintain health and medicine routines
  • Exercise
  • Get outside
  • Unplug from technology
  • Make a to-do list
  • Connect with others
  • Just breathe
  • Make time for yourself
  • Ask for help if needed

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