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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Facing Challenges

When we get tested by struggles in our lives, I think many students overlook a simple but obvious fact: those challenges make us stronger, well-rounded and adaptable people. By changing perspectives and internalizing this fact, we realize that the outcome of these struggles is greater than we could have ever imagined.

Take a moment to reflect on your past struggles. Were you stronger at the beginning or the end?

These experiences are what prepare us for a prosperous future and enhance our ability to take on challenges throughout life.

But it’s not always the normal, everyday routines that allow us to grow. Challenging yourself, getting out of your comfort zone, confronting your challenges, and accepting the many opportunities offered at Milton Hershey School can help you gain strength as an individual and open up doors for your future. Even though this can be quite an intimidating process, you will always regret the chances you didn’t take.


This year, I accepted an amazing opportunity to travel to Peru for a Leadership Summit with MHS students. I was extremely nervous for the interview process and it was definitely outside my comfort zone. I’ve never traveled before, and I’ve never applied for something that I believe will produce a tremendous change in my life. I was also scared to be recognized for my hard work, because there was a time when I lacked confidence and self-assurance.

After being accepted for this amazing trip and getting out of my comfort zone, it made me confront my fear of being recognized. It forced me to face that fear, which made me a stronger person by gaining trust within myself.

Overall, getting out of your comfort zone and facing challenges leads to positive effects and character growth. Like me, you will only grow by facing your fears and struggles.

Even though you may be scared to take advantage of new opportunities, you should do so with determination, self-confidence, faith, and the knowledge that you will be better for it.

Liz enrolled at MHS in fifth grade from Plymouth, PA.

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