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Milton Hershey School Senior Gives Advice to Freshmen

By Lussevikueno (Picose) Gomes, 12th grade

Dear freshmen class,

It is hard to believe that in the next four years you will graduate from Milton Hershey School. Before you get to that stage, there are many things that you, as a freshmen, can do to make your high school career successful. Here is my advice.

To start, I would suggest interacting with as many MHS staff members as possible. They are the gateway to connections that may lead you to a brighter future. The connections that you make at MHS can have a lasting impact on your life.

In my sophomore year, I applied for an internship. My teachers were my references and they vouched for my experience and qualifications. Never underestimate the relationships you make with your teachers, houseparents, extra-curricular leaders and alumni and the advice they can offer.

One opportunity at MHS I regret not doing is applying for international travel through the school’s Multicultural and Global Education program. Although right now, travel restrictions look a lot different than my time at MHS, I hope you get the opportunity. I had three and a half years to apply but did not. If there is a country you would like to visit, take the opportunity, and travel to learn about their culture. You won’t regret it!

Don’t forget about the elements of high school that bring you joy. One thing that I have heavily underestimated is my enjoyment of community service. This experience not only makes you feel good on the inside but also boosts your resume with volunteer work.

MHS senior offer freshmen advice.

Photo submitted by Gomes ’21. Photo was taken in the fall of 2019.

Make this first year of high school impactful and set your future in focus.  

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