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The voices of Milton Hershey School are all distinct, but each extraordinary in their own way. MHS blog tells the stories of our extraordinary students, staff, houseparents, parents/sponsors, and graduates. Read on to learn what brought them to MHS, the impact it has had, and the impact they hope to impart on the lives of others.

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5 Thanksgiving Traditions from Milton Hershey School History

It’s fitting that the Deed of Trust creating Hershey Industrial School—now known as Milton Hershey School—was signed by Mr. and Mrs. Hershey on November 15, 1909 during the season of...

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Getting Hands On with Nature Through After-School Environmental Program

This fall, the MHS Environmental Center led a Middle Division after-school activity program called the AEE Sampler. The goal was to provide hands-on, highly-engaging activities that allowed middle school students...

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How Being an Advocate Helps Others—and Myself

Written by Susanna, a junior at MHS When I think of the word “advocate,” the first thought that pops into my mind is the future I hope to create for...

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The Long Game

By Clare Ogle, an MHS houseparent When it comes to houseparenting, I like to tell people that we’re playing the long game. When we’re dealing with people, especially teens, we...

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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Catherine Hershey

One of the best aspects of working in the Department of School History at Milton Hershey School is making history come alive for our students and enabling them to see...

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How I’m Building Relationships with First-Year Students

By Tanya Alfonso, MHS Home Life Administrator First-year newly enrolled MHS students in first through fourth grade have the distinct advantage of participating in the MHS co-pilot program. Adult staff...

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President Eisenhower’s Visit to Hershey on October 13, 1953

One of the most iconic vehicles in Dearborn, Michigan’s Henry Ford Museum is the 1961 Lincoln Continental—the vehicle that President John F. Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated...

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An Open Letter to My Younger Self

Written by Sky, a junior at MHS Sky, I know you’re oblivious to it all right now. You have not felt the storm quite yet, only viewed it. I promise...

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Connecting Home Life to the Classroom: Creating a Nurturing Learning Environment to Call Home

When students enroll at Milton Hershey School, they’re not only receiving a top-notch education. They’re joining a safe, nurturing community that feels like a second home, through the school’s Home...

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The Food Pantry: Giving Students a Taste of Nutrition and Variety

When students enroll at Milton Hershey School, they receive a top-notch education full of leadership, scholarship, and extra-curricular opportunities. They also receive regular meals and food at no cost that...

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