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Milton Hershey School Lifer Reflects on the Support System She Built

Milton Hershey School has had more than 600 alumni enroll in either kindergarten or first grade—or sometimes even earlier. At MHS, these students earn the distinction of being a “lifer” once they complete their 12 years of schooling and graduate. This year, we sat down with several of the 26 MHS lifers and asked them to share their journeys to Commencement.

Milton Hershey School Lifer, Savannah Bryant

When you think about life after graduation from Milton Hershey School, as a lifer, what comes to mind?

When I think about life after graduation, I think most about the community and support system that exists at MHS. I know that those relationships and this community will continue to be there for me even when I succeed and when I need a little help. I’m proud to be a part of this community.

What is your favorite memory at MHS?

My favorite MHS memory is entering senior year. After being here for so many years, finally approaching the end of this journey was truly exciting. I had heard so much about what the path  to graduation would be like, but to experience it myself was very special.

What is the greatest skill that MHS has taught you?

The greatest skill I have learned at MHS is how to have empathy for others. I have been around so many different types of people, from all over the country, including houseparents, students, and staff. Having empathy has helped to be able to react to every situation and simply understand different perspectives. I know that being able to value diversity and have empathy for others is going to serve me well as I prepare to graduate.

What will you miss most about this chapter of your life?

I’m going to miss the relationships I was lucky enough to gain here. The relationships I have with my peers and the staff are unique and we share a special bond. While we won’t see each other every day, I know that we’ll continue to grow together and be able to rely on one another no matter what.

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