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Milton Hershey School Greater Together: Human Resources

A campaign acknowledging Milton Hershey School staff who look out for one another, achieve goals, and lift up the MHS community to make us Greater Together.

The Milton Hershey School Traveling Trophy continues to make its way around campus. MHS staff recognize the work of fellow colleagues who exemplify hard work and dedication and who put the Sacred Values of MHS into action. This winter, MHS Program Support Services passed the trophy to Human Resources for their incredible level of commitment to mission, dedication, and hard work. Human Resources is a key ingredient to making our community Greater Together.

Congratulations, Human Resources Team!

Milton Hershey School recognizes the Human Resources department for being Greater Together

Human Resources Q&A:

Define what makes MHS a community.

A community supports one another through the good times and the bad. Although COVID-19 has been difficult, it has strengthened relationships across campus. We are all working together to ensure the safety of our students and staff and have demonstrated the strength and resilience of our community during unprecedented times.

Our MHS Vaccination Clinics are a great example of how we came together as a community to plan, implement, and facilitate vaccinations for hundreds of students and staff.

Has your team talked about the Greater Together theme with students you are mentoring? How so?

We work very closely with students to assist them with the hiring process for student workers and internship positions. During this process, there are many pieces that may be difficult for students, but we provide guidance and support them to ensure their success. Through this, we continue to demonstrate and promote how we are Greater Together.

List and describe a few ways your team is incorporating this year’s theme into your daily roles at MHS?

We have Human Resources professionals with different areas of expertise but combined, the experience and knowledge of our team makes us Greater Together. We encourage collaboration and teamwork throughout the department to support the needs of the school.

Have there been moments this school year where you and your team have mentioned that MHS is Greater Together?

This year has proven the need to work with other departments at MHS to successfully meet the needs of the school. Specifically, we worked closely with the Campus Safety department to plan and implement a drive-up COVID-19 testing location on short notice. This initiative was a perfect example of how the teamwork and collaboration makes us Greater Together.

What is your best piece of advice to the MHS community to make this year great?

When faced with a challenge, always remember that you are not alone and there is a community of Spartans ready to help you succeed. Take the time to reflect upon the great things that we have already accomplished as a community and enthusiastically prepare for what’s next!

Is your team Greater Together? Do you know staff members who look out for one another, achieve goals, and lift up the MHS community? Email us their names and titles at Milton Hershey School.

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