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5 Back to School Mottos to Inspire Us All at Milton Hershey School

Each year, Milton Hershey School celebrates the start of a new school year like no other. Teachers are such an important part of that celebration and day to day life at MHS. To inspire and motivate students and staff for the new year, several MHS teachers shared their favorite back to school mottos and mantras.

1. Jessica Miller, MHS Elementary Division Teacher

Back to School Motto: "Don't wait until you reach your goal to be proud. Be proud of every step you take."

2. Clare Ogle, MHS Middle Division Teacher

Back to school Motto

3. Dave Bruce, MHS Middle Division Teacher

Back to School Motto: "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step."

4. Kelly Goss, MHS Senior Division Teacher

Back to School Motto

5. Lisa Pietropola, MHS Senior Division Teacher

Back to School Motto

At MHS, teachers play a key role in providing a top-notch education and unique learning opportunities to students inside and outside of the classroom. From taking science classes to the school’s Agriculture and Environment Education centers, bringing leaders from Hershey Entertainment & Resorts and The Hershey Company into classes, teachers ensure that every MHS student has the ability to discover their interests and passions.

The school community is excited for all that is to come in the next school year and hopes that these back to school mottos and mantras inspire us on this new journey!

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