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Wrestling is Not Just a Sport, But A Passion at Milton Hershey School

By William Olson, MHS Sophomore

Enrolling at Milton Hershey School in sixth grade from Edinboro, Pennsylvania, I struggled to transition to my new environment. After about a year at MHS, my student home roommate encouraged me to come to a Middle Division wrestling practice—a decision that completely changed the trajectory of my time at MHS.

Before coming to MHS, I was a wrestler in my home community, but because my family lacked the resources and money necessary for me to succeed, I wasn’t able to take full advantage of the program.

Milton Hershey School - Will Olson

Throughout the rest of my time in middle school, wrestling became my outlet. Now, as a ninth-grader, I still look forward to wrestling season every year. The wrestling coaches and my teammates have become an important part of my support system here. What has made my experience in the wrestling program at MHS so great was not just the sport itself—but the coaches and teammates who have become an important part of my support system.

My coaches don’t just want us to be the best athletes we can be. They know that we are capable of much more than that. They want us to be the best students and the best people we can be.

During my time at MHS, wrestling has become more than just a sport—it’s become my passion. Whenever we are able to reunite at my Middle Division student home, I thank my roommate who encouraged me to join the wrestling team.

I’m always reminded how much the MHS community can band together and make you feel at home.

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