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Without Houseparents, Milton Hershey School Alumna, Staff Member Says She May Not Have Graduated

By Lorraine Romberger ’83, MHS Alumni Relations Manager

The encouragement of houseparents can really make a difference in a student’s success at MHS. When I transitioned to MHS, it was tough—a new home, new school, and new friends.

I struggled with homesickness. My mother let me know the decision to come to MHS was hard for her, too. She also had homesickness, but the thing about houseparents is they make it evident that they care. My houseparents were wonderful, supportive, and compassionate. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know that I would have graduated.

Milton Hershey School alumna Lorraine Romberger shares her testimony about houseparents

I still have a relationship with my houseparents, and I think that’s a testament to the true relationships that happen at MHS. To be in a parent role with so many students in the student home means a lot of nurturing and helping the students get along. There’s never enough thanks to go around to all of the caring adults. Their job is a way of life. They make a difference and help us to succeed.

Now that I work at MHS, it’s neat to see things from the other side because you know how genuine houseparents are. They put in so much time during their work day, after their work day, and long after we’ve graduated. I get to see that tradition continue with my houseparents and me as well as with many other students.

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