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What I’ve Learned as a Student Athlete at Milton Hershey School

By Megan Forthofer, MHS Senior

Being a member of the field hockey team has shaped my Milton Hershey School experience by giving me an outlet, helping me to make new friends, and providing me with opportunities I couldn’t even imagine before coming to MHS. Without being involved in field hockey as a student athlete, my MHS experience would not be the same.

Milton Hershey School girls' field hockey player poses in front of MHS Athletic Complex.

I love being involved with a team and being a part of something bigger than myself. I was put into a leadership position on the field hockey team that allows me to make meaningful connections and share my love of the game with others. I learned to value teamwork, and understand the importance of trusting coaches, teammates, and supporters. Through this experience, I also learned to put full effort into everything I do, such as school and even chores in my student home.

Milton Hershey School girls' field hockey players practice after school.

For me, being on a sports team has taught me so much more than how to be an athlete. As a student athlete I have learned time management and how to use field hockey as a coping method for stress. Staying on top of my team responsibilities, succeeding in the classroom, and my other activities can be a lot to manage as a high school student. When I start to feel stressed about the day ahead, I look forward to field hockey practice and games to make my day better.

Along with time management, I’ve learned the importance of accountability. Being a student athlete means that you are recognized around campus as a leader. Being held accountable for my grades and actions by my coaches and teammates pushes me to do my best every day for myself and my team.

As I prepare for life beyond MHS, I know that what I’ve learned as a student athlete will stay with me for years to come. Knowing that leadership is very important inside and outside of the classroom, MHS has paved the path for me to be a great leader in college, field hockey, and one day, a career. I hope to be able to use my skill set to play field hockey in college.

Milton Hershey School girls' field hockey players huddle before practice.

I’ve always been amazed by the incredible support system every student has at MHS. Besides the positive relationships I had with coaches and teammates, I knew that I could always count on the MHS community to cheer us on from the sidelines. Without this community behind me, I wouldn’t be the student or athlete that I am.

MHS Athletics Program Yields Friendship, Competition, and Life Lessons

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