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The Power of Mentorship

By Natasha, a sophomore at MHS

The mentorship program at MHS has made my life more positive now that I know I have someone to rely on and trust. It has made me see things in a new way. My mentor was my Algebra I teacher in eighth grade, and I know she is someone who will always be there for me. She wants the best for me and all of my friends and family—she’s like another mother figure.

She has in many ways helped me grow, especially when it comes to helping me figure out what I want to do in the future.

To me, the word “future” means something that is not here at this exact moment and something that has yet to come—the future could even be an action or choice we make later in the day. Although I can’t prepare for everything, I always know I have a  caring mentor for love, support, and guidance for whatever comes my way.

I enjoy spending time with mentors who are funny, dependable, caring, supportive, and honest. I value mentors who make me laugh and smile but also give me tough love when I need it. Our personalities may not be an identical match but, if they were, our relationship might not be as successful. Everyone has similarities and differences but, at one point or another, you can always meet in the middle. It’s good to know someone is looking out for me and building a relationship based on mutual respect and honesty.

Mentorship means having someone leading you on the path to success. A mentor loves and supports you for who you are. My mentor has inspired me to be who I am and not to change for anyone.

Natasha enrolled at MHS in third grade from Ringtown, Pennsylvania.

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