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Seizing My Summer

Video games, babysitting, sleeping, and eating—four different things that constantly drive my summer every year in my hometown of Philadelphia. Living in a house with eight family members doesn’t always allow me to make many decisions about the activities I want to do each summer.

When I sleep, I dream about accomplishing my goals in life—becoming a star football player, an Olympic swimmer, or a multimillion-dollar business owner who donates his time and money to people in need. I eventually wake up with pumping adrenaline and motivation to get these done, but unfortunately, this comes to a halt when I realize I’m responsible for watching all my siblings in a house with no air-conditioning in the summer heat.

MHS Student Francis

But this summer, I’m staying at Milton Hershey School. It will allow me to overcome the barriers holding me back, and I’ll be able to work toward achieving greatness and leaving behind my own legacy. I will be working with Hershey Entertainment & Resort’s marketing team to help expose me to the business world earlier than most students. I know I’ll have an advantage over others that will help me in the future.

I’ll also be able to utilize the weight rooms on the MHS campus as well as the pools to help me stay active, athletic, and ready for my last season as a high school athlete.

Milton Hershey School gives children the opportunity to be the best they want to be. Students here must make the decisions for themselves that will best suit their long-term goals.

MHS gives us the chance that some students would never have, especially me.

I look forward to my last and only summer on campus leading up to one of the best years MHS has ever seen.

Francis enrolled at MHS in eighth grade from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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