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New Year, New Me

By Sam, a senior at MHS

What does 2017 mean for me? It means a close to my time at MHS—a journey that has been quite incredible. My senior year has been stressful at times, but it also has brought me great joy. This is the year I was accepted to my first choice college and specialty program! I will be attending Messiah College next fall as part of the nursing program.

But how did I get here, and am I ready for the challenge? Thanks to the amazing support of my grandparents and Milton Hershey School, I feel ready to face the world. School has always come pretty easy for me, but college will be a whole new ball game.

In 2016, I was able to take college classes in order to prepare myself for next year. They were difficult but also eye-opening.

I now know I need to work hard to achieve the grades I did at MHS in college. The mentality of a Spartan will help greatly, and I’m ready to embrace it fully.

I was always taught that my goal in life should be to make a difference. My grandparents and MHS have done a wonderful job at helping me find my passion for working with kids. I love teaching MHS first-graders about God and working with them on the swim team. In the future, I want to care for children when they really need it—in times of sickness.

My ultimate goal is to help kids in need get the medical attention they deserve. I want to be there for them no matter what. I want to go where God calls me and make unbreakable connections with young people.

2017 means new goals, a new attitude, and most importantly, a new me. It means tons of work and long days, but it will be worth it.

Sam enrolled at MHS in fourth grade from Palmyra, Pennsylvania.

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