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Milton Hershey School Teacher, Alumnus Shares Testimony About Houseparents

By Chris Spinogatti ’17, MHS Elementary Division Teacher

Houseparents create a beautiful relationship with the students in their student home where students feel like they can go to them for all the things kids typically run home from school and go to their parents for. The role they play is really important, allowing students to feel safe and like they are part of a family.

My own relationship with my houseparents grew while I was a student at MHS. My mom did a really good job of letting me know my houseparents were there to support me and provide everything for me during that time. I knew I could trust them, and they tag-teamed with my mom to raise me during my six years at MHS.

Milton Hershey School alumnus and staff member Chris Spinogatti shares about his houseparents

The characteristics I admire in houseparents are their ability to be patient, loving, and good listeners. And I think about these traits in my own life as an adult when I’m teaching my students and interacting with my colleagues. When you listen first, it creates a really neat experience, so I’m thankful they are there to teach us those life lessons. I think about how many MHS alumni are now parents themselves, and houseparents have an integral part in making sure that students are better prepared to be successful parents in the future.

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