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Milton Hershey School Spartan Internship Program: Solomon Gbodi

Featuring Solomon Gbodi, Spartan Internship—Hockey Operations and Athletics

The 2021 summer Spartan Internship program included 11 rising seniors working with Hershey entity partners and Milton Hershey School departments to gain real-world experience in their desired career path. During the four-week experience, students learned employable skills like time management, teamwork, organization, and earned a summer wage.

Solomon worked with the hockey operations department at the Hershey Bears and the athletics department at Milton Hershey School.

Milton Hershey School Spartan Internship program and Hershey Entertainment & Resorts professionals

Solomon’s Q&A:

What made you interested in participating in this internship program at MHS?

I applied for the summer internship program because I wanted to see what it’s like to work at a job in my desired career field.

What was it like being a student intern with HE&R and MHS? What were the differences between your mornings and your afternoons?

My mornings were virtual with the Hershey Bears where I learned about sports management. I attended meetings with various people in the organization and completed weekly tasks for their team. In the afternoons, I worked one-on-one with Mark Zerbe and gained a better understanding of athletics as a whole.

Are there any projects that you worked on that are unforgettable?

One unforgettable project was helping scout out free agents that the Hershey Bears could sign.

What was your biggest takeaway from your summer internship experience?

The internship program is a great opportunity to help students figure out whether or not a desired career is for them. In my case, I am now certain that working under the field of sports management is the right path for me.

Milton Hershey School senior Soloman Gbodi participates in the 2021 Spartan Internship program with Athletics

Mark Zerbe and Solomon Gbodi at the Spartan Athletic Center during Solomon’s Spartan Internship.

“I enjoyed working with Solomon and teaching him about the world of athletics. I hope that he left the internship with a better understanding of how MHS operates its athletic programming,” said Mark Zerbe, MHS Director of Athletics.

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As a Spartan intern with the MHS communications department, Symyra Byrd spearheaded the 2021 Spartan Internship blog series and assisted the team in collecting interviews of MHS students and staff as well as HE&R professionals.

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