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Milton Hershey School Facilities Staff, Lifer Shares Memories of His Houseparents

By Neil Hunsinger ’98, MHS Facilities Coordinator

I attended Milton Hershey School from kindergarten through 12th grade and graduated as an MHS lifer. From the start in elementary school, I credit my houseparents for the man that I am today. They are such loving people. I see a part of each one of them in me—as a person, father, and husband. I can’t thank them enough for everything that they did for me as a child and today as an adult.

They laid the foundation for me as a new student. When students enroll at MHS, they need consistency in their lives, and houseparents provide that. I had a fantastic experience as a kid here. I remember the transition coming here was easy, and everything my student home did made it feel normal. I loved my student home experiences from Elementary through Senior Division.

Milton Hershey School alumnus and facilities coordinator Neil Hunsinger shares houseparents testimonial


MHS was my home for so long, so it’s really cool to come back as a staff member and be colleagues with houseparents now. I keep in contact with my housemothers and housefathers. I also get to interact with other houseparents on a daily basis through my role here. I worked in Central Monitoring before my current role in Facilities. It’s fun to interact with staff and continue those relationships.

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